What is ZEROto1000

Inspired by Webster Whinery Jr’s determination to run the infamous Score International Baja 1000 Race in Mexico, lead to the idea of creating ZEROto1000.

On Nov 14-18, 2018 our team took on the unknown race course of 1000 miles and the challenge of overcoming EPIC obstacles is unlike any racing environment most riders have ever seen.


Capturing the incredible struggles and accomplishments of the team taking on the most epic 2-wheel race on earth.

what is BAJA1000...?

The Baja 1000 first began in 1967, fast forward 51 years later, it’s still going strong.

Baja California, Mexico is a legendary peninsula that has some of the most beautiful coastlines, mountains and valleys of any place on earth. It’s a dynamic environment, so you need to be on top of your physical and mental game; as well as having a great team and chase vehicles behind you.

Local knowledge is key for survival. During the pre-running of the race we must get aquatinted with the terrain; which ranges from dirt roads, to mountain passes, with thousandfoot drops into the valley below. The racers will take routes that are completely untamed and unregulated wilderness. We MUST now the territory out there to survive, because there are no signs in this desert.